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How's Your Internet Connection?

You can connect to our 100% Fiberoptic network!

The NEW Gold Standard from FamilyView

We keep it simple!
FamilyView - The Best WiFi experience.

Speed? Up to 10x faster than DSL.

- 100% Fiber Optic Network

- Up to 10x faster than DSL

- Supports multiple devices - tablets, gaming, iPhones, Netflix, Smart TVs, etc

- NO USAGE CAPS! - Unlimited Usage

- No Contract

- Local Tech Support

- $39.99 per month for six months

- Use our wireless network equipment, or manage your own*
*you may rent our premium wireless rquipment, or provide your own


Sign up during our construction phase on your street

$39.99/month for six months & then choose your plan

$50.00 Installation charge includes burying fiber to your house

$29.95/month for feature rich phone service

See our website for prices & plans after six months. You may use our website to request service or ask questions.

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